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  • art, photography, Joe Sobel


    Joe Sobel


    I have had an interest in the material aspect of photography and the relationship between a degrading surface such as skin and the quality of gloss when it is manmade from a superficial point of view. This led me to experiment with latex and to make condoms relating to the idea of birth from fruit, vegetables, etc. and their sexual connotations.

    The images are an on-going series addressing the make-up of creating images and objects in a highly over-saturated world.

    All photography by Joe Sobel
  • art, illustration, Augusto Giovanetti
  • art, photography, Tim Gao


    Tim Gao


    Tim Gao is a freelance photographer from Shanghai, China.

    'Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It is simultaneously a curious observation and emotional perception of what's happening in the ordinary streets at any moment when unpredictable dramas and realities are actually taking place.'

    All photography by Tim Gao
  • art, painting, Kristy Hughes


    Kristy Hughes


    'Seeing' addresses the notion of inherent potential and the understanding of meaningful perceptions from chaotic environments.

    It is rooted in a quote from poet and philosopher Paul Valery, “To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.” When the viewer no longer sees a graphite line as only a graphite line, but instead appreciates its essence and perceives it as part of a greater whole, they have in a sense forgotten what it is they are seeing, and experience with fresh eyes. This phenomenology is what aesthetically drives my practice. Conceptually, it is rooted in the theory of gestalt – a theory of visual observation that studies our ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. While this body of work started as a purely aesthetic investigation of materiality and order, I have come to regard the choices that I make within my artwork as metaphors for the ways in which we as a society readily accept organization, rules, and control. My sensibilities are based in the social structures of control into which I was born and raised. Seeing Is has become a platform for me as an artist to directly address the subconscious implications of these systems.

    All painting by Kristy Hughes
  • art, collage, Nelson Duarte


    Nelson Duarte


    The images I create are the consummation of a road of fragmentation of accident and fortuity. The endless search for obsolete images is the translation of a struggle to create a space for the past in the present, an approach that intends to stimulate a connection between memory and imagination.

    From an exhaustive, impatient and spontaneous artistic practice, I manifest the necessity of deforming a world constructed on appearances, that increasingly memorizes itself through images.

    Through cutting, glueing and abusively manipulating photographies and text, I continue to develop a body of work with the will to create fictional realities, that end up being the result of unconscious explorations of my inner battles.

    All collage by Nelson Duarte
  • art, painting, Angelica Yudasto


    Angelica Yudasto


    I create paintings that examine the female perspective to redirect the male gaze and open up the conversation about sexuality in a jubilated light within the expanse of the internet age. I am declaring myself as the gazer or voyeur, giving an entry point to all, ultimately broadening my imaging of sexual experience to be a human one and not just limited to the second sex as object. My paintings contain several visual contradictions: they are aggressive yet calm, phallic but feminine, weighted but light. They combine a mixture of minute details and three dimensional assemblages that make up a language of release, its build-up and lull. My works serve as visual reminders about open ecstatic sexuality that rebukes the marginalization of the objectified gender. What I am attempting to mirror through my collaged paintings is our current cultural epoch and slow down the viewing process to shift female depiction and find its relevancy in its current millennial trajectory.

    All painting by Angelica Yudasto
  • art, illustration, Nicholas Herbert


    Nicholas Herbert


    Silent Spaces is an ongoing series (2012 -) of small, intimate mixed media landscapes currently inspired by the chalk uplands of the Chiltern Hills.

    All illustration by Nicholas Herbert
  • art, photography, Antinomia




    Antinomia is a French artistic duo of two graphic designers, Celine Andreassen and Helene Blanc.

    Celine works with colours flowing in the dark, subliming daily objects in a very cinematographic universe. Helene experiments with emotions with liquid materials, unstable and utopia image of the body.

    All photography by Antinomia
  • art, collage, Nicola Kloosterman


    Nicola Kloosterman


    My Name is Nicola Kloosterman and I am an artist and printmaker from the Netherlands. My images are not created, but found in the torrent of our visual communication and carefully excavated by bringing connected images together to create a new visual story. My work explores underlying currents and emotions that are at the very heart of our being and connect us all. Every weekday I post an image in my instagram account to hold myself accountable for actually doing the work instead of just thinking about it.

    All collage by Nicola Kloosterman
  • art, collage, Matt Lee


    Matt Lee


    'Death Landscapes III' - The transitory nature of imagery and material examined through a series of internal landscape collages. Constructed with layers of cut plain paper, the miniature relief images become visible when light casts shadows across the surface, demarcating and defining space to complete the work.

    All collage by Matt Lee

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Courtney Heather - Loud Places. London

    31 May - 2 Jul

    Courtney Heather - Loud Places

    GX Gallery

    GX Gallery’s presents Loud Spaces an exhibition showcasing the work of Courtney Heather.

  • Oulu

    Art. Exhibition. Lauri Eriksson: 22 cases of homelessness. Oulu

    28 May - 22 Jun

    Lauri Eriksson: 22 cases of homelessness

    The Northern Photographic Centre

    There are 7500 homeless people in Finland. 90% of them are men living alone. The group of the homeless and thus socially excluded is not homogenous. The backgrounds and the reasons vary a lot.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Sharon Hayes: In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You. London

    22 - 29 May

    Sharon Hayes: In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You

    Studio Voltaire

    Films revealing how minorities met and mobilised in the pre-internet age.



    Art, painting, Jon Bentley

    Jon Bentley



    Art, collage, jenny brown

    jenny brown



    Art, illustration, Nicholas Herbert

    Nicholas Herbert



    Art, collage, Naomi Vona

    Naomi Vona



    Art, collage, Kent Rogowski

    Kent Rogowski



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    Jason Pumo



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    punto bipolar



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    nick sellek