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  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Magda Wegrzyn

    Magda Wegrzyn


    'I am interested in the external world of things and their phenomena, in their paradoxes and the process of perception, the fusion of the scientific reality, imagination and communication.'

    see more painting by Magda Wegrzyn
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Marco Fava

    Marco Fava


    This long-term project is focused on urban and suburban observation, an alternation of constant change and stillness which form "an unclear landscape", suspended between recognizable and surprise. The aim is to discover the fascination of exotic in an ordinary landscape to which we have stopped paying attention.

    see more photography by Marco Fava
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Christina  A West

    Christina A West


    Saw these colourful sliced up busts via twitter and loved them instantly.

    'Insistently figurative and tightly rendered, I make objects and installations that result from merging notions of the private with the public and overlaying the serious with the playful. These figures, with their strange scale, unnatural colors, and bodies frozen mid-gesture offer a space to play with assumptions and projections we place on other people and their bodies. This work begins with questions about the relationship of the exterior to the interior, the limits of what we can know about other people given that we never have direct access to their interiority, and how our physical encounters with spaces and with representations of bodies can affect perceptions of our own bodies. '

    see more sculpture by Christina A West
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Natalie Ciccoricco

    Natalie Ciccoricco


    Love the compositions of these surreal collages from the San Francisco based artist.

    'I draw inspiration from my dreams, nature, arts, literature, movies and life in general. My collages are made out of old movie photographs, found magazines, paper, ink and embroidery thread. I like to transform images in unexpected ways, until a new story appears before my eyes.'

    see more collage by Natalie Ciccoricco
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Xuecong Lin

    Xuecong Lin


    Love this photographic study from along the southeastern coastal city of China witnessing the development, transformation as well as the increasing contradictions.

    see more photography by Xuecong Lin
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Юрко Дячишин

    Юрко Дячишин


    The Material world, symbolised by the hundred-dollar bill, is merged with the religion in this collage work.

    'The portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill has been placed on a sacred icon which is an object of worship for the Catholics and Orthodox.

    This is not an attempt to blame church for obvious things. And this is not an allegation against Benjamin Franklin for his materialism and attitude toward the religion and church. This is just another instance of visualization of materialism.'

    see more collage by Юрко Дячишин
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Harriet Horton

    Harriet Horton


    Love the macabre tradition of wildlife taxidermy contrasted with the playful and contemporary neon and perspex.

    'I fell in love with taxidermy from a young age, but adopted a contemporary take on it. I enjoy giving a playful narrative to a medium that sometimes holds a macabre association. Applying neon lighting to my work has become my signature style.'

    see more sculpture by Harriet Horton
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Tatiana Gulenkina

    Tatiana Gulenkina


    'Things Merging and Falling Apart'

    Camera-less photography capturing a time lapse and movement, the transformation of fragile organic objects caught on a light-sensitive surface

    see more photography by Tatiana Gulenkina
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Lotus Bleu

    Lotus Bleu


    Love the depth, but also flatness of these manipulated photographs from the Artist and Music Producer.

    'I consider myself a conceptual artist: Everything starts with an idea, and the idea determines the execution. I'm under the strict opinion that art is meant to be consumed. Photography is art, therefore it doesn't do any good to keep it locked up on a hard drive.'

    see more photography by Lotus Bleu
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Haunted Euth

    Haunted Euth


    Loving the graphic bold colours and layers of these collage illustrations.

    'My work is primarily a autobiographical study of the absurd and surreal nature of the city I live in, focusing on the rituals, patterns and daily routines that I have become accustomed to.'

    see more illustration by Haunted Euth
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Carla Jay Harris

    Carla Jay Harris


    A series of photographs by the US based artist, dealing with the important contemporary, contentious, race dialogue that is taking place today.

    see more photography by Carla Jay Harris
  • Art Inspiration. For Example: Russell Wrankle

    Russell Wrankle


    I tell visual stories with the use of animal imagery. In my work I wrestle with existential questions of life and death through the symbolism of the body and various animals. My intensely saturated ceramic figures represent the decadence of worldly pleasures, a vibrant source of energy that is antithetical to death and dying. It is through embracing life and living that the pull of death and suffering is kept at a distance. Like Aesop’s Fables, animals such as dogs, rabbits, crabs, monkeys and frogs provide a vehicle to express the human condition. Animal imagery is the beginning of a deeper understanding of humanity.

    see more sculpture by Russell Wrankle
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    Art Inspiration. For Example: janne tuunanen

    janne tuunanen



    Art Inspiration. For Example: Ryan Joucla

    Ryan Joucla



    Art Inspiration. For Example: Seth Clark

    Seth Clark



    Art Inspiration. For Example: stephanie maton

    stephanie maton



    Art Inspiration. For Example: Lisa Krannichfeld

    Lisa Krannichfeld



    Art Inspiration. For Example: quincy scott

    quincy scott



    Art Inspiration. For Example: daniel kukla

    daniel kukla



    Art Inspiration. For Example: gemis luciani

    gemis luciani