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  • art, photography, Yaniv Waissa


    Yaniv Waissa


    'My photographic journeys lead me to examine the relationship between man and nature and the, sometimes absurd, connection and constant tension between past, present and future. I create an intimate atmosphere in every frame and put my personal feelings, emotions and nostalgia into it. Everywhere I go I recognize a personal memory that can ignite a collective memory of the viewer.'

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  • art, photography, Ivona Moro


    Ivona Moro


    Interesting series of photographs by the 19 year old London based student. Embracing the beauty and movement of errors and glitches that interfere with our interactions with technology.

    'There are different types of noise that can result in proving technological failure, deconstruction or error, which creates visual artifacts or informational displacement... I strive to expose the two binary realities, our everyday life and that of error, in order to help define the new reality we are entering.'

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  • art, illustration, Marielle Degioanni


    Marielle Degioanni


    Beautifully delicate drawings on paper of animals and birds, combined with symbols and cosmogony by the French artist.

    'Even if my actual body of artwork is tending to refer to symbols and cosmogony, there's no premeditation in my art practice. My artwork is inspired by nature and find his roots in unconscious. Loss, absence, desire, souvenir and rebirth are the themes explored in my artwork. Crown, rabbit, mouth, bird… appear recurrently like a language of my own myth.'

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  • art, painting, David Magila


    David Magila


    Investigative paintings of popular Brazilian seaside architecture and structures by the São Paulo based artist.

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  • art, collage, Ewa Doroszenko


    Ewa Doroszenko


    Ewa Doroszenko’s prints are sparse, pared down, and confined to a black, white and grey. The images in this particular series draw on the affective and irrational side of our perception, fossilizing in memory the place of their creation: an intersection between Doroszenk’s own mind and the physical location of her artistic residency. As a starting point, her collages trace back to photographic material from lifestyle magazines, painting albums and atlases. From here, digital graphics illustrate the flow of visual material: collecting, archiving, reproduction in the context of modern times.

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  • art, illustration, Tauno Ostra


    Tauno Ostra


    Interesting series of drawings titled “How To Define A Cat?” by the contemporary artist from Tallinn, Estonia.

    'All of the work has a philosophical conception, there is always something hidden behind the work. The artist is inspired by questions about existence itself, why do we dream? Where do questions come from? What is consciousness? What is to believe? How do you define a cat, what makes one cat behave totally different from the other?

    The work is abstract, but minimal. Like a puzzle. The reality lies behind the eye of the beholder, as in art.'

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  • art, photography, Hakim Boulouiz


    Hakim Boulouiz


    'Cities are growing day after day. Life is being transformed and accelerated in the middle of modernity. In this context, the urban body is vibrating and experimenting with new adventures. It sneaks between advertising, windows, showcases, colors, prints, shadows and lights. The urban body is reflected and conditioned through architecture. It becomes an object that looks like a wax doll. With my concept, I wanted to stop on this fake figure of the humain being by the photographic act. My vision doesn’t show smooth postcard pictures, because for me the image of a contemporary city has become a puzzle game.'

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  • art, illustration, Philipp Zurmöhle


    Philipp Zurmöhle


    Love these Poster designs with handdrawn portraits of different monkeys illustrating the seven deadly sins.

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  • art, painting, Jennifer Belair


    Jennifer Belair


    Jennifer Belair is a mixed media artist predominately working 2 dimensionally. Her work often utilizes print media in conjunction with direct hand drawn imagery and painting techniques. Currently her creative practice focuses on the exploration of interior and exterior relationships—with the self and with others.

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  • art, photography, Madiha Abdo


    Madiha Abdo


    Love these shots by the London based photographer, the contrast of the geometric dark shadows that crop the photographs, capturing the figures while they step into the shafts of light.

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  • 24.11.2014

    Art, collage, Niko Paul

    Niko Paul



    Art, collage, Kent Rogowski

    Kent Rogowski



    Art, sculpture, Hoda Zarbaf

    Hoda Zarbaf



    Art, painting, paula macarthur

    paula macarthur



    Art, illustration, stephanie maton

    stephanie maton



    Art, photography, Jason Pumo

    Jason Pumo



    Art, photography, Jacob Mitchell

    Jacob Mitchell



    Art, collage, Philippe Debongnie

    Philippe Debongnie