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  • art, illustration, Nicholas Herbert


    Nicholas Herbert


    Silent Spaces is an ongoing series (2012 -) of small, intimate mixed media landscapes currently inspired by the chalk uplands of the Chiltern Hills.

    All illustration by Nicholas Herbert
  • art, photography, Antinomia




    Antinomia is a French artistic duo of two graphic designers, Celine Andreassen and Helene Blanc.

    Celine works with colours flowing in the dark, subliming daily objects in a very cinematographic universe. Helene experiments with emotions with liquid materials, unstable and utopia image of the body.

    All photography by Antinomia
  • art, collage, Nicola Kloosterman


    Nicola Kloosterman


    My Name is Nicola Kloosterman and I am an artist and printmaker from the Netherlands. My images are not created, but found in the torrent of our visual communication and carefully excavated by bringing connected images together to create a new visual story. My work explores underlying currents and emotions that are at the very heart of our being and connect us all. Every weekday I post an image in my instagram account to hold myself accountable for actually doing the work instead of just thinking about it.

    All collage by Nicola Kloosterman
  • art, collage, Matt Lee


    Matt Lee


    'Death Landscapes III' - The transitory nature of imagery and material examined through a series of internal landscape collages. Constructed with layers of cut plain paper, the miniature relief images become visible when light casts shadows across the surface, demarcating and defining space to complete the work.

    All collage by Matt Lee
  • art, sculpture, Scott Austin


    Scott Austin


    Scott Austin is an emerging artist and beginning freelance designer, poet and writer. He makes art to be happy. He lives to create engaging works that have never been attempted before. Tucked away in his slightly cramped studio in RVA, he knows that there is not enough time for all the ideas.

    All sculpture by Scott Austin
  • art, painting, Sif Nørskov


    Sif Nørskov


    Sif Nørskov was born in Denmark and lives and works in London. She is currently undertaking her MA in Painting at Royal College of Art.

    My works explore notions of landscape and narrative in-between abstraction and representation through the metamorphosis of materials. Inspired by literary fiction, they explore the idea that imagery, like words, can be assembled, repurposed and revived to create new worlds that might resemble or point at something other than what was originally intended.

    Fragments from the fronts and backs of failed, old as well as new paintings are sewn together, pieces of canvas overlay each other as in traditional collage, whilst others are joined edge to edge and the thread itself becomes part of the work, acting as a drawing. This process reverts traditional methods of painting, as these works are made prior to being stretched onto a frame and are subsequently trimmed to fit the dimensions of the frame they are imposed onto.

    All painting by Sif Nørskov
  • art, painting, William Reinsch


    William Reinsch


    My work's are a way for me to explore the idea of being nude both physically and psychologically. I'm always exploring the darker side of human nature and philosophical ideas as I am always contemplating these themes in my life.

    All painting by William Reinsch
  • art, illustration, Jon Gant


    Jon Gant


    Jon is an artist from Canada, working primarily in ink. His current work titled 'Smalltown Boy' is narrative illustration, combining text and images.

    All illustration by Jon Gant
  • art, painting, Gregory Burak


    Gregory Burak


    I am interested in the intersection of the uncanny and the quotidian, how reality can coexist with the possibility of the supernatural. The paintings explore a menacing, paranormal, and esoteric search for answers. The anxiety that arises from the unknown is the motivation for these works. I’ve always seen oil painting as something that is slightly magical, and almost alchemical: taking simple organic materials and making something out of them that becomes more than its constituent parts. The end result can become an object that holds a mysterious charge; something more than what it appears to be. This is what interests me in painting as well as inexplicable situations and esoterica.

    All painting by Gregory Burak
  • art, photography, Emanuela D'Ambrosi


    Emanuela D'Ambrosi


    Invisible Monster is a research on human body forms and languages that appear different, strange. Emanuela D’Ambrosi’s idea is that within each of us, under the skin, there is a monster that can be visible if you can observe. The monster that is merely the collection of your fears, your pain, your limitation

    All photography by Emanuela D'Ambrosi

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Bazaar Avatars. London

    5 May - 28 May

    Bazaar Avatars


    A Collection of Original Twentieth-Century Calendar Art from India

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. The Mighty Scheme - Graham Fagen. London

    5 May - 26 June

    The Mighty Scheme - Graham Fagen

    CGP LONDON Dilston Grove

    An installation of works by Graham Fagen made in response to the four noble rooms of Palazzo Fontana, a 16th century building located on the Grand Canal in Venice exhibited with new and unseen works at both CGP London venues in Southwark Park.

  • Lancaster

    Art. Exhibition. Artist as Subject. Lancaster

    7 May - 24 July

    Artist as Subject


    Self Portrait as Self Investigation, Jane Szabo solo exhibition



    Art, photography, Pablo Chaco

    Pablo Chaco



    Art, photography, feiyi wen

    feiyi wen



    Art, painting, mike ryczek

    mike ryczek



    Art, illustration, joseph phillips

    joseph phillips



    Art, collage, jenny brown

    jenny brown



    Art, photography, Jacob Mitchell

    Jacob Mitchell



    Art, photography, Alice Rainis

    Alice Rainis



    Art, photography, eka sharashidze

    eka sharashidze