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  • art, photography, Rebecca Wild


    Rebecca Wild


    My work is all about experimentation and spontaneity around three central elements; colour, light and natural forms... These images are the only trace of their short lived existence, exemplifying the role of art in creating the illusion of permanence in a transitory world.

    All photography by Rebecca Wild
  • art, illustration, Louise Byng


    Louise Byng


    Had to share this work by Louise, prompting vote Remain for the EU Referendum. Such an important day, make the right choice!

    All illustration by Louise Byng
  • art, painting, Sander Reijgers


    Sander Reijgers


    My paintings are about time and painterly actions. The time and actions are being put in paint. By repeating the painterly actions over and over again peculiar structures arise that transcend the experiences of paint.

    My paintings arise from the hundreds or thousands of different paint layers. These are applied with brushes, paint rollers or other (homemade) painting tools. Throughout the painting process, the gesture is of great importance. The painterly actions are borne.

    The actions and time are revealed and can only be read in the multiple layers.

    All painting by Sander Reijgers
  • art, collage, Mireille Es Paechberg


    Mireille Es Paechberg


    My work is about the private aspects of the human condition, or what i like to call the beauty of melancholy. I am trying to express this through often putting the face or body into a geometric or minimalistic context. What i really love about doing collage work is, that you have to let the process guide you more than you guide the process. Your intuition has to choose the images you use.

    All collage by Mireille Es Paechberg
  • art, collage, Jorge Chamorro
  • art, illustration, Rondie Li
  • art, collage, Xampa Mokum


    Xampa Mokum


    Xampa Mokum is a collage artist from Poble Sec, Barcelona.

    'I make collage in response to the pressures of the city and the pressures of my life. The scratched and broken letters become the way I read my way home, the cut-up bodies are those around me, unfamiliar and alien. Amidst the panic there is order, at least I want there to be.'

    All collage by Xampa Mokum
  • art, collage, Gemma Anton


    Gemma Anton


    Collage is my way to look for answers, putting them together to try to make some sense of it. It helps me to understand somethings, without having to think about them. Collage has a privileged relationship with our epoch, the latter being understood as a juxtaposition of heterogeneities. a contingent net upon the temporary meeting points, their fugues and voids included. The Disappearance of every kind of hierarchy and an « assemblage » of inequalities. Overlapped messages which texturize ephemeral realities, only fulfilled if related with the environment.

    All collage by Gemma Anton
  • art, painting, Ekaterina Yanovskaya


    Ekaterina Yanovskaya


    Pale, distressed figures inhabit my large-scale oil paintings. There are several repeating themes in the paintings: loneliness, nostalgia, longing, melancholia and a search for a sense of place. There are often figures depicted doing mundane tasks, or caught in a state of hesitation or fear, in forlorn atmospheres. A specific emotional longing translates into a painting.

    I was born and spent my childhood in St. Petersburg, Russia and memorable childhood experiences frame the core of my work. These memories symbolize isolated experiences and therefore have a strong emotional impact. The physical places I no longer occupy and they do not exist in the same state, as when I knew them, all is imagined.

    All painting by Ekaterina Yanovskaya
  • art, painting, Jamie Frost


    Jamie Frost


    Jamie Frost is a sculptor, painter, and a prolific draughtsman whose work reflects an intense relationship between the body and the individual. His works have a fascination with the corporeal- they are deliciously visceral and closely observed.

    All painting by Jamie Frost

  • Redwood City

    Art. Exhibition. Connecting Points. Redwood City

    29 June - 31 July

    Connecting Points

    The Main Gallery

    Connecting Points features art by mixed media artists Shirley Bunger and Natalie Ciccoricco. In this art show the artists explore their own personal connecting points - their points of inspiration and recurring themes

  • Teddington

    Art. Exhibition. Alex March & Jane Harris Open Studio. Teddington

    26 June - 3 July

    Alex March & Jane Harris Open Studio

    Come and join us in Alex's beautiful garden to browse new ceramics by Jane and drawings, prints, painting and collage.

  • Norwich

    Art. Exhibition. Turn the page artists' book fair. Norwich

    24 - 25 June

    Turn the page artists' book fair

    The Forum

    Book art shaped like ammonites will be a major centre piece at turn the page, an international exhibiting platform exclusively for book art and design, in June 2016 in Norwich, United Kingdom.



    Art, collage, Denice Creugers

    Denice Creugers



    Art, collage, Taizo Matsuyama

    Taizo Matsuyama



    Art, photography, Window.




    Art, photography, quincy scott

    quincy scott



    Art, illustration, joseph phillips

    joseph phillips



    Art, painting, Erika Stearly

    Erika Stearly



    Art, illustration, punto bipolar

    punto bipolar



    Art, illustration, Grégoire Devin

    Grégoire Devin