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  • art, photography, Grace Ann Leadbeater


    Grace Ann Leadbeater


    Grace Ann Leadbeater (b. 1991) is an American-Canadian photographer and writer who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her work investigates the parallels within public and private spaces.

    "'Right This Very Second' is a collection of my own emotional expedition—of what I probe at incessantly because I’m so in love with everything I get close to. There is a pattern to everything I am drawn to, from people who look at me for longer than what is considered acceptable to structures that simply won’t give out. Their perseverance to remain in these holes of the now is something I am not only captivated with but also cling to. I compare the alive to the inanimate and it all becomes so beautifully present. Often I find myself looking at things and thinking, “You are here, looking at this right this very second.” And then I feel the inclination to pull out my camera because I want to remember what that very second felt like. I know that one day I’m going to miss it so much."

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  • art, sculpture, Carolina Borja


    Carolina Borja


    'I feel attracted to the contrast of cultures, to the collision between customs and traditions. My recent work speaks of identity, fragmentation and the way it can lead to unity. I incorporate elements of crafts and popular arts into my own work. Papier-mâché, tissue paper, crepe paper, thread, and cartoneria merge into a more contemporary art aesthetic.'

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  • art, collage, Seb Jarnot


    Seb Jarnot


    Illustrator, Seb Jarnot works for magazines, newspapers, advertising, record sleeves, book covers, etc… With a passion for experimentation, he also pushes the bondaries of image by creating strange and sensible hand-made collages.

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  • art, photography, Elena Cremona


    Elena Cremona


    These are stills from a series of large-scale projection installation that exposes the terrifying beauty of our ever-changing irreplaceable landscape, the destruction of Nature and the ideas of the Sublime. It raises awareness to this altered world and encourages the audience to consider their role within the environment.

    To view the actual films go to Elena's website:

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  • art, sculpture, Donny Gettinger


    Donny Gettinger


    'I have always found a welcomed curiosity and frustration with “in-betweens”. My work as an artist maintains a focus on the tension found within these transitional spaces. While humoring a youth-stricken sense of adventure, I have explored the ambiguous area between male adolescence and adulthood within the Midwestern landscape. Driven by this interest in regionally specific subjects, I have expanded my perspective to consider the spaces between popular portrayals of locations and realities existing beneath the veneer.'

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  • art, illustration, Louise Byng


    Louise Byng


    We featured this wonderful work by Louise Byng back in 2013, but it seems fitting to pop it back at the top spot, in memory of a music and fashion icon. RIP David Bowie!

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  • art, collage, Margarida Girao


    Margarida Girao


    Love these collage by the Portugal based artist, embracing illustration, creative communication and webdesign.

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  • art, illustration, Julia Vanderbyl


    Julia Vanderbyl


    I am an 18 year old visual artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. My work serves to combine elements of classic portraiture with modernism, drawing inspiration from the play between light and dark. I utilise raw and eccentric colours and while my brushstrokes and pencil marks are often left exposed, my work still holds a classic elegance.

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  • art, collage, Taizo Matsuyama


    Taizo Matsuyama


    Taizo Matsuyama is a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany.

    'These cutout series are initiated from the landscapes in Berlin. I believe the shape I discovered that already has included myself in it. I am interested in how does the shapes develop through the several procedures of collage making?'

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  • art, sculpture, The Art Of Salmagundi


    The Art Of Salmagundi


    Wonderful broken Staffordshire ceramic figures restored into modern statements of our times, using old folk tales and modern mythologies.

    "The way I work on an intervention, is to allow the damage dictate what can be done. I use traditional and modern restoration and conservation grade materials to create my work seamlessly linking the past to the present , through invisible application. Many of the techniques, materials and recipes I use have been in the hands of the craftsman for centuries. In our more increasing, untangible, fleeting, modern existence , I think people do not look properly and do not acknowledge the craftsmanship of work. I like the idea of making people look twice."

    The Art of Salmagundi is the artwork of artist and restorer, Amy Douglas.

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  • art, Event, Albert Mews Open House

    28th-29th Nov & 5th-6th, 12th-13th dec

    Albert Mews Open House


    Albert Mews Studio,
    11 Albert Mews,
    Third Avenue,
    BN3 2PP

    28th-29th November
    & 5th-6th, 12th-13th December 2015
    11am - 6pm

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  • art, illustration, Anna Sokolova


    Anna Sokolova


    Colourful fashion Illustrations by the 24 year old artist.

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  • art, sculpture, Diploo




    Diploo Studio stands for ideas, that were hidden in our imagination since our childhood. Brought to the "surface" of reality, they are being carefully embeded into forms of various materials such as ceramic clay & others...

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