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  • art, photography, Eric Bourret


    Eric Bourret


    Éric Bourret's work as an 'artist-walker' participates in the tradition of Land Art and land surveying photography.

    During his walks, which last a few days to several months, the artist superimposes different views of the same landscape on a single negative according to a precise conceptual protocol that stipulates the number of shots and the interval between them. These sequences intensify and accelerate the imperceptible movement of geological strata and freeze the ephemeral temporality of human beings. The accident and the unexpected are integral to this concept of random photographic shots. This photographic ephemeris breaks down the structure of the initial image and creates a different sensitive, shifting reality. The image born of this “temporal layering” is vibrant, oscillating, practically animated.

    Éric Bourret’s images can be seen as photographic notes in a surveyor’s score. They attest to a subjective experience, as he himself has admitted: “The landscapes that I travel through and that travel through me constitute me. I see the photographic image is a receptacle of forms, energy and meaning”.

    All photography by Eric Bourret
  • art, painting, Augustine Carr


    Augustine Carr


    An appropriated book cover is painted over, not so much defaced as embellished, and then it is scanned and printed at a much-enlarged scale. ‘Tricks and Magic’ is a photograph of an open spread book, one of the pages is obscured by a sequence of coloured squares whereas the opposite page, depicting a blindfolded boy pointing upwards, is left intact. The veiled boy is echoed by the paint that veils the image beneath it. The relationship between the paintings and the particular books used is not specific or conceptual but open and elliptical. But it is the photographic enlargement of the paintings that works to both distance us from the emotively painted book and bring us closer to it through its enlargement. The device is both undone and magnified – as is the emotional intimacy.

    All painting by Augustine Carr
  • art, collage, Naomi Vona


    Naomi Vona


    I work on found vintage images as photos, paper scraps, postcards, vinyl covers and disks. I 'pimp' these objects giving to each one of them a brand new meaning and a more contemporary look.

    As a collector of vintage papers, my fascination for the past helped me to follow up the fine art path and to turn my Academy studies (design and photography), into a personal art project. I also believe that manipulate these images can allow me to travel in time and space, that's why I like to create visual space-time portals over them.

    All collage by Naomi Vona
  • art, photography, Tara Wray


    Tara Wray


    The work confronts my own struggles with depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. The images were made largely in my adopted home of Vermont between 2011-now. They offer a deeply personal interpretation of the Green Mountain State, juxtaposing familiar and picturesque tropes with more surreal, sometimes disquieting, subjects.

    All photography by Tara Wray
  • art, collage, Gustavo Chams


    Gustavo Chams



    Pursuing the emotional abstraction of repetition, Pandemonium explores the idea of repetition as a way to connect and indulge alternate states of mind. The editorial focuses on maternal anthropological group development. Among the concepts, Sigmund Freud’s idea of “repetition compulsion” was explored to define common characteristics in our society where unconsciously, we repeat the same actions over and over again without the knowledge that it is being repeated. In a similar analysis some first nation tribes in South America create repetition cycles and repetitive dances to break old patterns, creating a momentary mental obsession over repetition. This ancient technique results in a process of self elevation through chaos.

    All collage by Gustavo Chams
  • art, painting, Tom Banks


    Tom Banks


    These paintings are made up of scaled-down approximations of real homes that exist on the suburban estates around the town within which I live. The benign uniformity of the architecture found in these well-manicured suburban neighbourhoods engenders an uneasy sense of isolation and conformity.

    Built from ply board, the majority of this work is wall hung, protruding into space, in limbo. Working from photographs taken at night the details of the houses are painted onto the flat surfaces in requisite muted tones. There is no warm glow emitting from the windows. These house shaped paintings are conspicuous by the apparent lack of inhabitants, fuelling confusion and self-doubt, forcing the viewer to question perceived certainties. The presence of absence suggests the drama is occurring ‘off-screen’.

    All painting by Tom Banks
  • art, illustration, Amalie Cecilia


    Amalie Cecilia


    My work is inspired by The West Coast of Denmark (Vesterhavet), jazz and hip hop, Ghana, buildings in Copenhagen, space and time. I live in Copenhagen. I am 22 years old studying Cultural Studies which contributes to my sources of inspiration and keeps my curisosity alive!

    The best thing about creating and painting is the people you meet and connect with through the mutual love for colors, shapes, texture and sound and visuals.

    All illustration by Amalie Cecilia
  • art, photography, Andrew G Fisher
  • art, painting, Kaitlin Smrcina


    Kaitlin Smrcina


    Lately I have been grappling with what it means to have a religious identity. Growing up, Catholicism and Christianity were often used as weapons and I have been working with Christmas and other religious holidays as spiritual events versus nondenominational celebrations. With many religions scattered throughout my family I am trying to understand what faith means to me while my beliefs are nonexistent.

    All painting by Kaitlin Smrcina
  • art, painting, Javiye Bentley


    Javiye Bentley


    In his pursuit to change the perception of art, American artist Javiye Bentley has developed an interesting perspective himself. Although he respects the tradition of art, his approach seems that of someone who prefers disruption and rebellion. His fluid-like abstractions seem to contradict the very raw, and battered canvas's they inhabit. Although the paintings are tantalizing, the colors seem to almost mask the very dark and painful stories they depict.

    All painting by Javiye Bentley


    Art, collage, Mireille Es Paechberg

    Mireille Es Paechberg



    Art, painting, Erika Stearly

    Erika Stearly



    Art, painting, Ekaterina Yanovskaya

    Ekaterina Yanovskaya



    Art, photography, francesco margaroli

    francesco margaroli



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    stephanie maton



    Art, sculpture, Christina  A West

    Christina A West



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    yangyang pan



    Art, photography, Hakim Boulouiz

    Hakim Boulouiz