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  • Art. collage For Example: Debora Van Der Vliet


    Debora Van Der Vliet


    My name is Debora van der Vliet and I am a visual artist living in Amsterdam. With different images, techniques and materials I create new stories with my own inner world as a guide.

    Although I focused on video and animation during my study, my point of interest has shifted to creating collage art. One of the things I find interesting in this medium is the interaction of the images combined. By starting the dialogue and reassembling the found images, allowing them to tell a new story. These stories are surreal and dreamlike, as a kind of lucid dream. Strange but also light and playful.
    That, combined with the presence of several layers does relate to my own inner world which is a conflicting but at the same time harmonious place to be.

    All collage by Debora Van Der Vliet
  • Art. collage For Example: Constantinos Chaidalis
  • Art. collage For Example: Mireille Es Paechberg


    Mireille Es Paechberg


    My work is about the private aspects of the human condition, or what i like to call the beauty of melancholy. I am trying to express this through often putting the face or body into a geometric or minimalistic context. What i really love about doing collage work is, that you have to let the process guide you more than you guide the process. Your intuition has to choose the images you use.

    All collage by Mireille Es Paechberg
  • Art. collage For Example: Jorge Chamorro
  • Art. collage For Example: Xampa Mokum


    Xampa Mokum


    Xampa Mokum is a collage artist from Poble Sec, Barcelona.

    'I make collage in response to the pressures of the city and the pressures of my life. The scratched and broken letters become the way I read my way home, the cut-up bodies are those around me, unfamiliar and alien. Amidst the panic there is order, at least I want there to be.'

    All collage by Xampa Mokum
  • Art. collage For Example: Gemma Anton


    Gemma Anton


    Collage is my way to look for answers, putting them together to try to make some sense of it. It helps me to understand somethings, without having to think about them. Collage has a privileged relationship with our epoch, the latter being understood as a juxtaposition of heterogeneities. a contingent net upon the temporary meeting points, their fugues and voids included. The Disappearance of every kind of hierarchy and an « assemblage » of inequalities. Overlapped messages which texturize ephemeral realities, only fulfilled if related with the environment.

    All collage by Gemma Anton
  • Art. collage For Example: Nelson Duarte


    Nelson Duarte


    The images I create are the consummation of a road of fragmentation of accident and fortuity. The endless search for obsolete images is the translation of a struggle to create a space for the past in the present, an approach that intends to stimulate a connection between memory and imagination.

    From an exhaustive, impatient and spontaneous artistic practice, I manifest the necessity of deforming a world constructed on appearances, that increasingly memorizes itself through images.

    Through cutting, glueing and abusively manipulating photographies and text, I continue to develop a body of work with the will to create fictional realities, that end up being the result of unconscious explorations of my inner battles.

    All collage by Nelson Duarte
  • Art. collage For Example: Nicola Kloosterman


    Nicola Kloosterman


    My Name is Nicola Kloosterman and I am an artist and printmaker from the Netherlands. My images are not created, but found in the torrent of our visual communication and carefully excavated by bringing connected images together to create a new visual story. My work explores underlying currents and emotions that are at the very heart of our being and connect us all. Every weekday I post an image in my instagram account to hold myself accountable for actually doing the work instead of just thinking about it.

    All collage by Nicola Kloosterman
  • Art. collage For Example: Matt Lee


    Matt Lee


    'Death Landscapes III' - The transitory nature of imagery and material examined through a series of internal landscape collages. Constructed with layers of cut plain paper, the miniature relief images become visible when light casts shadows across the surface, demarcating and defining space to complete the work.

    All collage by Matt Lee
  • Art. collage For Example: favielle




    Favielle is a 21 year old collage artist and illustrator based in Puerto rico. 'Fleurs' is based on the idea that every individual should be portrayed as a sensitive and humane person even if that wasn't exactly correct in real life.

    All collage by favielle
  • Art. collage For Example: Bradley Foisset


    Bradley Foisset


    Born in Buffalo, New York and residing in Singapore since 2010, Bradley's current art practice revolves around the passive-aggressive landscape and object-oriented ontology.

    All collage by Bradley Foisset
  • Art. collage For Example: Seb Jarnot


    Seb Jarnot


    Illustrator, Seb Jarnot works for magazines, newspapers, advertising, record sleeves, book covers, etc… With a passion for experimentation, he also pushes the bondaries of image by creating strange and sensible hand-made collages.

    All collage by Seb Jarnot
  • Art. collage For Example: Margarida Girao


    Margarida Girao


    Love these collage by the Portugal based artist, embracing illustration, creative communication and webdesign.

    All collage by Margarida Girao
  • Art. collage For Example: Taizo Matsuyama


    Taizo Matsuyama


    Taizo Matsuyama is a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany.

    'These cutout series are initiated from the landscapes in Berlin. I believe the shape I discovered that already has included myself in it. I am interested in how does the shapes develop through the several procedures of collage making?'

    All collage by Taizo Matsuyama



    Art, collage, happyred fish

    happyred fish



    Art, collage, Nick Sellek

    Nick Sellek



    Art, collage, Denice Creugers

    Denice Creugers



    Art, collage, Magda Dudziak

    Magda Dudziak



    Art, collage, Maike Lüdenbach

    Maike Lüdenbach



    Art, collage, Naomi Vona

    Naomi Vona



    Art, collage, André Mayr

    André Mayr



    Art, collage, Scott Albrecht

    Scott Albrecht