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  • Art. illustration For Example: Nagehan Fenman


    Nagehan Fenman


    My works are always about connection, emptiness and fullness. I am interested more in forms than subject and I like to see shapes that are unseen at first look. Usually i work manually and then i retouch digitally.

    All illustration by Nagehan Fenman
  • Art. illustration For Example: Jacek Doroszenko


    Jacek Doroszenko


    The Useful Remnants release is a music concept album touches on a subject of seemingly useless belongings which are becoming valuable when one have to suddenly leave them. Field recordings and musical compositions for this project have been produced in a framework of the Artist-in-Residence Programs at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz, Austria. The album was released in a strictly limited edition of 10 pieces. Every piece is packaged in a different transparent case, containing the cassette tape, handmade cover and drawings set made on an expired photographic paper.

    All illustration by Jacek Doroszenko
  • Art. illustration For Example: André Catarino


    André Catarino


    I’m interested in explore the relation between spaces and the human body, assuming situations of ruin, deconstruction, abandoned places or even landscapes, and presenting them has final composition for the spectator to explore and take advantage of new paths and realities. This way, my artistic path is directed to a crossing of situations between a reality that is familiar to the human being and another that exists after a manipulation of the same through Drawing.

    All illustration by André Catarino
  • Art. illustration For Example: Luise Faurholt


    Luise Faurholt


    These paperworks mainly explores my own domestic interiors and their inhabitants. My focus is variations of absence and presence in family relations - the slight shifts between closeness, tendeness and intimacy and distance and isolation in everyday life. In this context the blank abstract spaces is as significant as the figurations. As is the physical presence of the work, the textures of the different kinds of paint and the imprints of the pencil on the coarse surface of the paper.

    All illustration by Luise Faurholt
  • Art. illustration For Example: Philippe Debongnie


    Philippe Debongnie


    For this series of images, I got as close as I could to the essence of the process, using only water and ink. Same material as for the japanese pantings that are an endless source of inspiration to me. I worked on 16 wild animals. All photographed on the move. The mix of this bare technique with my use of spots and drops seemed like a good fit for the sometimes brutal, sometimes peaceful attitude of the animals.

    All illustration by Philippe Debongnie
  • Art. illustration For Example: Rondie Li
  • Art. illustration For Example: Augusto Giovanetti
  • Art. illustration For Example: Nicholas Herbert


    Nicholas Herbert


    Silent Spaces is an ongoing series (2012 -) of small, intimate mixed media landscapes currently inspired by the chalk uplands of the Chiltern Hills.

    All illustration by Nicholas Herbert
  • Art. illustration For Example: Jon Gant


    Jon Gant


    Jon is an artist from Canada, working primarily in ink. His current work titled 'Smalltown Boy' is narrative illustration, combining text and images.

    All illustration by Jon Gant
  • Art. illustration For Example: Anay Kshirsagar


    Anay Kshirsagar


    Had to feature these illustrations from 21 year old Industrial Design Student from Pune, India. Illustrations of famous footballers. The illustrations were a part of an academic project.

    All illustration by Anay Kshirsagar
  • Art. illustration For Example: Louise Byng


    Louise Byng


    We featured this wonderful work by Louise Byng back in 2013, but it seems fitting to pop it back at the top spot, in memory of a music and fashion icon. RIP David Bowie!

    All illustration by Louise Byng
  • Art. illustration For Example: Julia Vanderbyl


    Julia Vanderbyl


    I am an 18 year old visual artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. My work serves to combine elements of classic portraiture with modernism, drawing inspiration from the play between light and dark. I utilise raw and eccentric colours and while my brushstrokes and pencil marks are often left exposed, my work still holds a classic elegance.

    All illustration by Julia Vanderbyl
  • Art. illustration For Example: Anna Sokolova
  • Art. illustration For Example: Marielle Degioanni


    Marielle Degioanni


    Beautifully delicate drawings on paper of animals and birds, combined with symbols and cosmogony by the French artist.

    'Even if my actual body of artwork is tending to refer to symbols and cosmogony, there's no premeditation in my art practice. My artwork is inspired by nature and find his roots in unconscious. Loss, absence, desire, souvenir and rebirth are the themes explored in my artwork. Crown, rabbit, mouth, bird… appear recurrently like a language of my own myth.'

    All illustration by Marielle Degioanni


    Art, illustration Grégoire Devin

    Grégoire Devin



    Art, illustration noumeda carbone

    noumeda carbone



    Art, illustration Ryan Joucla

    Ryan Joucla



    Art, illustration joseph phillips

    joseph phillips



    Art, illustration punto bipolar

    punto bipolar



    Art, illustration Tauno Ostra

    Tauno Ostra



    Art, illustration Shema Ladva

    Shema Ladva



    Art, illustration Mark Francis Williams

    Mark Francis Williams