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  • art, painting, Goia Mujalli


    Goia Mujalli


    My work operates through things, situations and states that enter the paintings and run their course. Does the act produce the meaning? There is an interest in additive and subtractive actions. Through exploring texture, and the use of layering I open up ambiguous spaces. Repetition of continuous rhythmic motifs creates an essence of a pre-existing thing, which makes the paintings partially representational. All paintings are marked with erasures, moments of presence and precision. I explore the difference of mark making resembling a print aspect. There is a friction of erased marks and layered marks on the surface containing erasures, traces and stains. There is an abstraction in my paintings that comes from this investigation and experimentation with paint and deconstruction of an image. I search for a diverse variation between each painting while maintaining the exploration of mark making.

    All painting by Goia Mujalli
  • art, photography, Alessandro Falchi


    Alessandro Falchi


    This is an old pier of boats, abandoned in the city of Syracuse, Sicily. The charm of this place is given by the tranquility and closeness of the sea.

    All photography by Alessandro Falchi
  • art, collage, Vicki Cody


    Vicki Cody


    Paper collage is at the core of my art practice. I am drawn to its immediacy and spontaneity. It is the perfect medium as it enables constant transformation. The collages ultimately take form in other mediums such as textiles. It is a depiction of the natural world and our relationship to it. Natural History, Victorian imagery, tales with anthropomorphic themes, are a source of inspiration for me. I meld together traditional collage techniques with distortion turning things upside down bringing the beautiful and ugly together. Sourcing and collecting imagery occurs over a period of time. Repetition is an important part of my method, endless cutting, constructing and breaking things down again. Various birds, beasts and flora reoccur throughout the work. They are sliced up, scaled up and morphed together to create strange and unexpected hybrids.

    All collage by Vicki Cody
  • art, photography, Natasha Cantwell


    Natasha Cantwell


    The Living Dead explores the concept of the uncanny and how photography can be utilised to create the unsettling feeling of experiencing the familiar and strange all at once. This body of work specifically looks at how the uncanny permeates anything that is simultaneously its opposite, such as the living and non-living or the real and unreal. It is an enquiry into photography's association with representation, simulation and the real. This project examines photography’s uncanny relationship with preservation and death, particularly how photographs archive and preserve their subjects in image-form but also serve as a reminder of the decay and destruction that occurs after the photograph has been taken.

    All photography by Natasha Cantwell
  • art, painting, Kotaro Machiyama


    Kotaro Machiyama


    ...Combining the desire to get closer to an object that I am attracted to and thinking about it in a time other than the present…

    All painting by Kotaro Machiyama
  • art, photography, Sofía Mercedes


    Sofía Mercedes


    In the hot and humid Caribbean climate of the island of Cuba I observe, connect, and capture still visions of lives, traditions, and objects from a country that is not so distant from mine.

    All photography by Sofía Mercedes
  • art, illustration, Hannah Hurricane


    Hannah Hurricane


    I use Drawing to think about our ancestral landscapes, how the rituals, spaces, and beings of domestic life and the natural world overlap and communicate in tandem. Pulling from my experiences as a mother and my academic training in Wildlife Ecology, I incorporate both live drawing and drawings of old family photos, mashing them up against rivers, valleys, and meadows, but also: line, color, form. The landscapes become part-memory, part-imagined, a way to investigate the presence of ancestral spirits in modern life.

    All illustration by Hannah Hurricane
  • art, painting, Ernest Volynec


    Ernest Volynec


    Through the use of colors, different styles and philosophy, I try show that the future is a chain of choices made today. I want to believe that one day greed, anger and a never-ending cycle of wars will be replaced with peace and love. This is my utopia.

    All painting by Ernest Volynec
  • art, photography, Ben Gowertt


    Ben Gowertt


    I love photographing and also visual arts. Since 3 years I have been focusing more on places without people, where you can perceive a calm mood. I love to discover something special in simple inconspicuous things!

    All photography by Ben Gowertt
  • art, collage, Lucian Harbădă


    Lucian Harbădă


    In my collages I play with color and shape, juxtaposing ordinary activities or landscape fragments with geometrical elements, offering a new perspective on the usual aspects of life and reality. As a particularity, in most of my works, I prefer concentrating the visual in the center of the work, surrounded by the emptiness of black or, on the contrary, the openness towards different possible perception, thoughts, interactions.

    All collage by Lucian Harbădă

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios 2017. London

    28 - 30 July

    Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios 2017

    Hackney Wick

    Hackney WickED returns for its 9th year, opening doors of the world's most concentrated creative community, inviting you to come and explore the labyrinth of artist studios spaces and venues across Hackney Wick & Fish Island.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Luke Willis Thompson. Autoportrait. London

    23 Jun - 27 Aug

    Luke Willis Thompson. Autoportrait

    Chisenhale Gallery

    ​Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission and the first solo exhibition in the UK by Luke Willis Thompson.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Hands To Mouth | Laura Bygrave, Rachel Jones, Ninna Bohn Pedersen. London

    21 Jul - 12 Aug

    Hands To Mouth | Laura Bygrave, Rachel Jones, Ninna Bohn Pedersen

    FOLD Gallery

    FOLD Gallery is pleased to present Hands To Mouth, a group exhibition of painting, sculpture and video.



    Art, painting, Ekaterina Yanovskaya

    Ekaterina Yanovskaya



    Art, collage, Jack Samels

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    Art, illustration, Katherine Dawson

    Katherine Dawson



    Art, photography, Ben Gowertt

    Ben Gowertt



    Art, collage, Tristesse Seeliger

    Tristesse Seeliger



    Art, animation, jamie mills

    jamie mills



    Art, sculpture, Carolina Borja

    Carolina Borja



    Art, sculpture, Hoda Zarbaf

    Hoda Zarbaf