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  • art, photography, Emma Sywyj


    Emma Sywyj


    My work aims to capture and show life at it’s most vibrant & exciting, to encourage people to see the intricacies, beauty and beyond the everyday. My work is often centered around environment and cultural identity, celebrating culture in all its varied forms all over the world and encouraging viewers to feel awe and joy in the travelers quests and the rewards that experiencing other cultures can bring whilst developing my own cultural and gender identity through photography.

    All photography by Emma Sywyj
  • art, collage, Jorg Karg


    Jorg Karg


    'Back to the beholder' is the motto behind my digital collages. Better said, a unique identity developed over years. I use present-day visual language and techniques and combine it with old, but fundamental, rules of painting and drawing. So many things subjectively shape our perception nowadays. All that can be used to move the beholder. Modern media influences, but also almost forgotten ideas about shapes, colors and expression. My wish is that the beholder feels addressed immediately without any further explanation in order to create a personal experience.

    All collage by Jorg Karg
  • art, photography, Federico Cannata


    Federico Cannata


    'The authenticity of a trip is not to be measured by the architectural beauty you admire, the food you eat or rediscover traditions, but the people you meet.'

    All photography by Federico Cannata
  • art, painting, Armando Cabba


    Armando Cabba


    Over the previous 2 years I've been exploring the idea of identity and the temporary self through self portraits. Each painting is a recording of one's state of mind thus depicting a persona. Emotions can reoccur but how we experience them can never be duplicated. I think it's important in the world of social media to explore moments where we aren't depicting ourselves in a positive light. These times are what make us human.

    All painting by Armando Cabba
  • art, photography, Giacomo Fierro


    Giacomo Fierro


    The 'Symptoms' series is the second chapter of my 'Ataraxia' project. 'Ataraxia' starts from the need to describe the evolution of my relationship with my hometown and becomes, with time, a broader investigation into the bond between people and the places in which they live.

    It isn't a classic work on the urban landscape, but I used the urban environment to recreate the feelings experienced on an inner level.

    All photography by Giacomo Fierro
  • art, painting, Ferris Mcguinty


    Ferris Mcguinty


    My work is an ongoing investigation into the notions of form, line, balance and colour. There is rarely a specific reference point, although the works do borrow from a wide lexicon of visual culture.

    The work hopefully resonates through a language that is common across the spectrum of architecture, painting, sculpture and design.

    I think that paring back to the basic principles serves to condense elements of these varying influences. What the work reflects through these connections isn't a conscious reference, it's more a symbiosis.

    Engaged in a similar form to Haiku poetry, seemingly disparate elements in the work are cut and juxtaposed , as if compressing a wider experience, emphasising simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.

    All painting by Ferris Mcguinty
  • art, photography, Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen


    Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen


    'We can talk some other time' is a story about an emotional distance between a father and a son. Just three weeks before my boyfriend and I met he lost his father to a sudden death after years of hardly speaking.

    His father left boxes with hundreds of film rolls, plain tickets, notebooks model car – and airplanes. For each image scanned I got to know his father a bit more by each time.

    In no narrative order the series show bits and pieces of their life, bringing it all in as one big puzzle that never really seems to finish.

    All photography by Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen
  • art, photography, Audrey Molloy


    Audrey Molloy


    Audrey Molloy is a writer, photographer, and performance artist. Interested in the limitations and constructs that contemporary photography presents psychologically and formally, her work engages ideas of medium specificity, digital fallacy, and postmodern narratives.

    Employing short prose as image equivalencies, digital 'flatness' as a stylistic motif, and reductive digital editing in her work, she constructs hyper-realized environments that explore psychological and physical estrangement in an internet-related society.

    All photography by Audrey Molloy
  • art, photography, Mathieu Coquerelle


    Mathieu Coquerelle


    Act II - Our legs feel heavy, the ascent was gruelling. It is curiosity that lead us here, from scene to scene, toward this door. Now it is thirst that makes us linger down the hill. Through the wood flows a subtle trickle of fresh air as if a source was hidden beneath it.

    A gentle breeze opens the door before our eyes. After it stands a thick red curtain - it seems to have been erected to protect an impenetrable richness. As the stream leads us, we smoothly glide under it, fearless, toward an unknown fortune.

    All photography by Mathieu Coquerelle
  • art, photography, 'Window' by Nick Sellek

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Luke Willis Thompson. Autoportrait. London

    23 Jun - 27 Aug

    Luke Willis Thompson. Autoportrait

    Chisenhale Gallery

    ​Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission and the first solo exhibition in the UK by Luke Willis Thompson.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Hands To Mouth | Laura Bygrave, Rachel Jones, Ninna Bohn Pedersen. London

    21 Jul - 12 Aug

    Hands To Mouth | Laura Bygrave, Rachel Jones, Ninna Bohn Pedersen

    FOLD Gallery

    FOLD Gallery is pleased to present Hands To Mouth, a group exhibition of painting, sculpture and video.

  • New York

    Art. Exhibition. Group Show | Where Water Comes Together. New York

    20 - 28 Jul

    Group Show | Where Water Comes Together


    Rhode Island School of Design 2017 MFA Graduate Show.



    Art, collage, Seth Clark

    Seth Clark



    Art, photography, quincy scott

    quincy scott



    Art, photography, Window.




    Art, illustration, André Catarino

    André Catarino



    Art, sculpture, The Art Of Salmagundi

    The Art Of Salmagundi



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    Art, illustration, Nicholas Herbert

    Nicholas Herbert



    Art, photography, Mert Acar

    Mert Acar