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  • Art. painting For Example: Sarah Teasdale


    Sarah Teasdale


    Teasdale’s work comes from a wide range of influences, including geometry and technology. Her recent work reflects a longstanding fascination with pattern and textile design. She focuses on patterns derived from both the natural and digital worlds and tries to highlight the order and beauty found within them. Patterns have an underlying mathematical structure and can be seen as a search for regularities. When we recognize these arrangements we have an emotional reaction that is deeply rooted in our instincts and development. Sarah also believes in color psychology in relation to people’s emotions and temperament. She focuses on using colors that I believe have positive effects and strives to create works that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Sarah has built this series of paintings from acrylic and in some cases spray paint on board with the occasionally addition of mica flake and/or iridescent pigments for additional shine and texture. The overall aesthetic of these colorful, pattern-based paintings is a blend of digital, modern, and ancient, and they have been compared to both video games and intricately patterned textiles.

    All painting by Sarah Teasdale
  • Art. painting For Example: Chantal van Houten


    Chantal van Houten


    Everything changes around us over the years as we do.. moments of reconsideration and learning points. Over the years I hope that people learn that it’s of no importance how you look, where you are from or what you do for a living. The only thing of importance (from my own perspective) is truthfulness to yourself, and being able to give and share in life and being surrounded by the people that you want to be surrounded by.

    So a mix of old and new, figures with a certain emotional load and will tell a colorful beautiful new insight. That’s what I’m trying to achieve with these series.

    All painting by Chantal van Houten
  • Art. painting For Example: Daniel Fleming


    Daniel Fleming


    My work is archetypal: visually abstract but conceptually specific. I use symbols and associations of symbols that constitute a theme or narrative. Exploration of materials and ideas is a large part of my creative process, and I do not limit myself by tradition or habit.

    My work is an extension of modernism with emphases upon new symbols used in new ways and with materials of myriad kind.The result is powerful: powerful form, color, style, content and a richness of material that, together, fuse the many currents – techniques, styles, materials – of modernism in the work.

    All painting by Daniel Fleming
  • Art. painting For Example: Paul Kenneth


    Paul Kenneth


    As an artist with a focus in portraiture I am constantly interrogating the norms and boundaries of the figure painting genre. My painting practice entails equal parts of chance, improvisation, and calculated elements of realism combined to create humorous painting mutations. With determination, I strive to depict the variety of forms, both real and imagined, that the human and animal body can conform to. The work that I create has an affinity for the strange, awkward, and grotesque while always maintaining a strong sense of sincerity.

    All painting by Paul Kenneth
  • Art. painting For Example: Hedley Roberts


    Hedley Roberts


    Hedley Roberts makes paintings of lovers, friends, family, acquaintances and strangers using images gathered from social media and in communication with his subjects. Through a process of over-painting the subject is obliterated and re-imagined, generating a complex dialectic in the space between the subject and object; paint and image, artist and the portrayed. As portraits, the paintings themselves have a powerful ‘selfie’ agency in their outward gaze to the viewer, the eyes and mouths operating as indexes to an interior life and a mysterious new presence and identity. The characters depicted have a fragility that is overwhelmed by the tension in the paint application and colour, which varies from thin washed layers and lyrical touches to fervid, violent gestures and impasto application of deep colour.

    All painting by Hedley Roberts
  • Art. painting For Example: Gemma Gene


    Gemma Gene


    The series 'unapologetic paintings' is a collection of installations, street art pieces and realistic paintings and drawings of wrapped objects. In this series the object is hidden and the only thing showing it is it’s skin or it’s wrapping and it can only be revealed by the user’s imagination. What the viewer sees is a "skin" that summarizes the object's geometry creating a new one.

    All painting by Gemma Gene
  • Art. painting For Example: Kirsty Harris


    Kirsty Harris


    Here you can see paintings in oil and bleach on glass, linen and paper. I am always compelled to try out new techniques. Alongside painting I work in ceramics, audio, silverpoint, charcoal, cyanotypes while also making short films all based around the imagery and data collected around nuclear explosions. My work deals with the sinister pageant of man’s attempt at dominance, when the honour of victory is denatured into a manifestation of nihilism.

    Moments from a Chinese government’s propaganda film are isolated in the works on paper. Here bleach is used as an oxidising agent, the mark making eradicating the colour and only becoming fully visible minutes after the brush has left the paper.

    In my largest piece to date Test -No.6, China's first H-Bomb is depicted with every square inch of the painting representing a thousand tons of TNT. The work is my meditation on this fleeting moment, a durational recording of the iconic symbol of ultimate power and destruction that could never be painted from life.

    All painting by Kirsty Harris
  • Art. painting For Example: Wang Ziling


    Wang Ziling


    I am interested in exploring our perception of the outside world as a manifestation of the representations of our consciousness. My paintings are composed of collective fragments of objects emphatically associated with memories, which rely on a rational re-interpretation to complete a reconstruction of an event and space.

    The state and relationship between objects in my paintings represent the phenomenon and circumstance of a person in that space. This space is reconstructed by fragments of a person’s sense of time and stream of consciousness and is divided by segments of our perception of life and the integrity of time, leading to more of a sense of alienation and exile. Thus, our perception of the external world is an imposition of person’s consciousness, rather than the ‘thing-in-itself’.

    All painting by Wang Ziling
  • Art. painting For Example: Michael Ward


    Michael Ward


    These are all acrylic on canvas, 9” x 12” inches (except for Four Chairs), and depict chairs I’ve encountered in my travels. A young girl who saw these remarked, “you make the ordinary beautiful!” Yes, that is the point.

    All painting by Michael Ward
  • Art. painting For Example: Joshua Huyser


    Joshua Huyser


    I don't write about my work specifically for the purpose of allowing the work to speak for itself. These pieces hold meaning and significance that is unable to be conveyed through the constricting confines of written language. Words interfere with the experience. I am a painter. I am not a writer.

    All painting by Joshua Huyser
  • Art. painting For Example: Dana Oldfather


    Dana Oldfather


    'The primary emotion that comes through the work is anxiety. These paintings are a way to transform my feelings of dread and insecurity into something physical, tangible, and beautiful. I connect to the world through beauty.'

    All painting by Dana Oldfather
  • Art. painting For Example: Candé Aguilar


    Candé Aguilar


    #barrioPOP is an amalgamation sprung by characters, colors & street phenomena that is my life emerged in popular border town culture, expressed through multimedia such as painting, collage, photography, assemblage, digital collage, image transfer & music.

    All painting by Candé Aguilar
  • Art. painting For Example: Mike Ryczek


    Mike Ryczek


    My tendency has always been to want to dismantle things in order to make sense of the world around me, and I think that is essentially what art is: dismantling and rearranging with the hopes of gaining insight into the raw materials you began with. I love realist art that manages to please the senses, capture the tangible world and illuminate all it’s wonderful subtleties. I also appreciate art that forgoes direct representation and instead uses abstract shape and color to communicate a strong concept.

    All painting by Mike Ryczek
  • Art. painting For Example: Sander Reijgers


    Sander Reijgers


    My paintings are about time and painterly actions. The time and actions are being put in paint. By repeating the painterly actions over and over again peculiar structures arise that transcend the experiences of paint.

    My paintings arise from the hundreds or thousands of different paint layers. These are applied with brushes, paint rollers or other (homemade) painting tools. Throughout the painting process, the gesture is of great importance. The painterly actions are borne.

    The actions and time are revealed and can only be read in the multiple layers.

    All painting by Sander Reijgers


    Art, painting Peter Cábocky

    Peter Cábocky



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    maura segal



    Art, painting Hedley Roberts

    Hedley Roberts



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    Jaime Foster



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    Jon Bentley



    Art, painting Chantal van Houten

    Chantal van Houten



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    Kaloust Guedel



    Art, painting Lisa Krannichfeld

    Lisa Krannichfeld