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  • Art. photography For Example: Junya Suzuki


    Junya Suzuki


    Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a unique aesthetic sense referred to as 'wabi-sabi'.Generally, this style prefers the mundane over the showy, quietude over eloquence, and stillness over movement. However, almost no opportunity to hear about the style exists in modern times. As time goes by, and as people become more and more superficial, they have lost touch with their aesthetic sense. One day, I found a common point in photos I captured. That's the quietness. I may unconsciously feel an aesthetic sense like 'wabi-sabi' in the environment which keeps creating, destroying and changing all the time. This series is a documentary that seeks for feeling in everyday life.

    All photography by Junya Suzuki
  • Art. photography For Example: Mert Acar


    Mert Acar


    I usually go out and drive to find somewhere that makes me want to stop and take some shots. Exploration takes a great part in my photographic practice. In my photos, man-made surroundings are juxtaposed with natural surroundings of landscape. Currently I’m living in my birthplace Ankara and exploring its rural areas with a new visual approach. My works are not focused on local narratives or documentaries. They are more about how people transform, reshape and modify land. In my opinion altered rural landscapes visually looks similar and most of the time one just can’t simply say where or when a photo is taken exactly.

    All photography by Mert Acar
  • Art. photography For Example: 'Window' by Nick Sellek


    'Window' by Nick Sellek


    This series of photographic animated gifs are a cross over with another of Nick's projects called 'Window.'. They were created for the front of Christmas advent calendars with windows, roofs and facades cut and creased to open up to reveal interiors and festive happenings. These displayed here are however just two dimensional, but with slightly animated snow storms. The photographs were taken in New York, London, Brighton & Oxford.

    All photography by 'Window' by Nick Sellek
  • Art. photography For Example: Olli Wiegner


    Olli Wiegner


    The project focuses on how suffering arises in a person and traces its roots into memories of childhood and youth. The photographs are intentionally vague and open to allow the viewer to search for their own interpretation or relate to certain emotions. They provoke questions without certain answers to emphasise how memories fade and warp over time. This fallible construct is the base for our feelings and perception of the world around us which thus is in constant change — potentially leading to feelings of tension and ambiguity. We never truly are, but merely exist in an approximation in between our past experiences and those still to come.

    All photography by Olli Wiegner
  • Art. photography For Example: László Gábor Belicza


    László Gábor Belicza


    'My father and me worked in a lumberyard. We laid down a huge poplar on the field, and we chopped it up. It fell apart afore our eyes. My sister’s son was four years old when his father died. Every faces of my family expressed the fear of something absent. All of us felt the loneliness, but there was a close bond between us. The wood in pieces seemed like the tragedy of my family. It fell apart like us. The whole never will be entire. Constant farewell and the act of moving on is reflected in childish existence.'

    All photography by László Gábor Belicza
  • Art. photography For Example: Liam Dobbin


    Liam Dobbin


    My name is Liam dobbin, i'm 23 years old. I currently live in cambridge Ontario, a small sleepy town. Fascinated with ethereal landscapes, intimate portraits and vernacular snapshot photography. I like to keep things organic and let things happen on the way, staging and overthinking is to be avoided. I am currently working on a follow up series for romantic void that I worked on in 2012.

    All photography by Liam Dobbin
  • Art. photography For Example: Ben Gore


    Ben Gore


    'Goodbye, Blue Monday' investigates symbols of age and mortality in the world around us. The book was shot over a year, which coincided with me leaving my job to go freelance as an artist. This change made me hyperaware of time, in that my time was all my own, and I increasingly began to notice symbols of death in the world around me. Death is the full stop to your time and, once you become aware of that, the question becomes how are you going to make the most of it?

    All photography by Ben Gore
  • Art. photography For Example: Kateřina Zahradníčková


    Kateřina Zahradníčková


    I make small enclosed collections by which I am turning my attention to my surroundings and by which I am trying to catch affected human destinies with as much sympathy as I can give. I try to make my photographs visually simple, non-stylized and functional. I want my photographs to be only whispering to the audience, not shouting to them.

    This series is called 'Friends', a series where Kateřina digs out forgotten clothes and creates figurines out of it to keep her company.

    All photography by Kateřina Zahradníčková
  • Art. photography For Example: Juan Rodriguez Morales


    Juan Rodriguez Morales


    This series titled 'Ghost World', is by the Spanish photographer, Juan Rodriguez Morales.

    'In the placid suburb, life goes smoothly and even a strange sense of ennui and melancholy pervades everything. This series tries to pick those feelings.'

    All photography by Juan Rodriguez Morales
  • Art. photography For Example: Rebecca Wild


    Rebecca Wild


    My work is all about experimentation and spontaneity around three central elements; colour, light and natural forms... These images are the only trace of their short lived existence, exemplifying the role of art in creating the illusion of permanence in a transitory world.

    All photography by Rebecca Wild
  • Art. photography For Example: Joe Sobel


    Joe Sobel


    I have had an interest in the material aspect of photography and the relationship between a degrading surface such as skin and the quality of gloss when it is manmade from a superficial point of view. This led me to experiment with latex and to make condoms relating to the idea of birth from fruit, vegetables, etc. and their sexual connotations.

    The images are an on-going series addressing the make-up of creating images and objects in a highly over-saturated world.

    All photography by Joe Sobel
  • Art. photography For Example: Tim Gao


    Tim Gao


    Tim Gao is a freelance photographer from Shanghai, China.

    'Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It is simultaneously a curious observation and emotional perception of what's happening in the ordinary streets at any moment when unpredictable dramas and realities are actually taking place.'

    All photography by Tim Gao
  • Art. photography For Example: Antinomia




    Antinomia is a French artistic duo of two graphic designers, Celine Andreassen and Helene Blanc.

    Celine works with colours flowing in the dark, subliming daily objects in a very cinematographic universe. Helene experiments with emotions with liquid materials, unstable and utopia image of the body.

    All photography by Antinomia
  • Art. photography For Example: Emanuela D'Ambrosi


    Emanuela D'Ambrosi


    Invisible Monster is a research on human body forms and languages that appear different, strange. Emanuela D’Ambrosi’s idea is that within each of us, under the skin, there is a monster that can be visible if you can observe. The monster that is merely the collection of your fears, your pain, your limitation

    All photography by Emanuela D'Ambrosi


    Art, photography Marco Fava

    Marco Fava



    Art, photography Window.




    Art, photography Louis De Belle

    Louis De Belle



    Art, photography daniel kukla

    daniel kukla



    Art, photography Akkara Naktamna

    Akkara Naktamna



    Art, photography Window.




    Art, photography Luca Tombolini

    Luca Tombolini



    Art, photography Juan Rodriguez Morales

    Juan Rodriguez Morales