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  • Art. photography For Example: Nick Prideaux


    Nick Prideaux


    'Compact Mindfulness' is a visual diary taken in Japan, Turkey, Laos, and Thailand across the last two and a half years. This series stems from my approach to photography, simplicity through subtraction and a focus on bold colour and light. These images evoke a feeling of personal nostalgia, moments captured on film so they aren't lost to the annals of time. Photography for me is about that connection to the image - each of these images when viewed takes me back directly to the time and place. I photograph my life to keep memories and to document the quiet moments.

    All photography by Nick Prideaux
  • Art. photography For Example: Joshua Bareham


    Joshua Bareham


    I have done a lot of research into the psychology of curiosity in relation to photography. I was intrigued as to why I was captivated by some of my photographs more than others. During my research I found certain aspects of a photograph can be manipulated and controlled to help conjure the feeling of curiosity, by excluding and including certain subject matter a certain way, I am able to alter the ‘balance’. My photographs have become an exploration into this particular ‘balance’ to which I will continue to build my work.

    All photography by Joshua Bareham
  • Art. photography For Example: Varvara Shinkarenko


    Varvara Shinkarenko


    I’m a self-taught photographer, originally coming from Russia. I’m not a great talker, so trying to explain and express the way I see the world around me through the lens. I really love what I’m doing. It’s a great antidepressant. It keeps my head clear.

    This 6 photo series is called "My Irish days". I would say it's more like my photo diary. I keep records of human faces, their feelings, emotions. They are all so different, with their own dramas, life stories. If you look at them, their eyes, hands, backs say it all. It's absolutely beautiful...

    All photography by Varvara Shinkarenko
  • Art. photography For Example: Luca Tombolini


    Luca Tombolini


    The dawn of mankind, a time with no rationality. An ancestor contemplating the cosmos perceives the necessity of a divinity. The Second Cosmogony takes place along with the miracle of selfthinking consciousness. In that moment he knows he exists for a reason; he's got the significative element and this had found a way to reveal itself to him. Conscious and Unconscious get together in the creation of the Self.

    All photography by Luca Tombolini
  • Art. photography For Example: Akkara Naktamna


    Akkara Naktamna


    This project is a narrative of colours which they can tell some charming story without any purpose. It's like we find some things, or listen sounds, that can be smoothly combined and make you imagine in any possibilities.

    All photography by Akkara Naktamna
  • Art. photography For Example: Melike Koçak


    Melike Koçak


    Mid Anatol is a series about the aesthetics and socio-cultural dynamics of Çankırı, Ankara and Yozgat; which are some of the most characteristic cities in Middle Anatolia. The series is named Mid Anatol -which stands for the shortened version of Middle Anatolia- as I believe that these three cities reflects their region in a nutshell. Also, the reason I chose this area is because of the fact that it sets the norms in all of Turkey regarding politics and culture.

    All photography by Melike Koçak
  • Art. photography For Example: Camille Lévêque


    Camille Lévêque


    I’ve ironically used photography to convey absence - a media often, and almost automatically used to reframe memory. This project very much focuses on highlighting the loss of a relative, or their missing. As something physical and thus wishes to capture its essence.
    I made new family albums from scratch with pictures I'd edit so they'd be more accurate in telling the story of our life. I aim to create a visual discomfort by recreating in a way, pictures I grew up with. By materializing the absence one is undeniably transforming it into an actual physical form. One might forget features of a face but remembers the loss or sentiment of emptiness. Dads is a blunt testimony of absence, a disturbing hole in the most powerful piece of evidence. You can’t forget what you’ve never known but can choose to remember its absence.

    All photography by Camille Lévêque
  • Art. photography For Example: Luca Moretti


    Luca Moretti


    Start to photograph by myself, on the threshold of 40 years. I prefer the proximity explorations , the human landscape, his functions. The camera gives me a chance to regain possession of the usual as extraordinary, access to a More Profound experience of Reality, in a peaceful struggle with time.

    I live in Tuscany, not too far from the sea.

    In the ongoing Series [S]lowseason i explore the Tirenean coast of Tuscany.

    All photography by Luca Moretti
  • Art. photography For Example: Leonardo Magrelli


    Leonardo Magrelli


    The 'Me error' project shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. It consists in a series of photos taken facing a mirror, so we should see ourselves reflected in it, but we don’t, as if we were invisible. The result are real images, that exist in the world, but that we can never witness, for we are their own interference. In fact, we will never be able to observe directly what a mirror shows when we are not facing it, because every time we step in front of it, the image that was reflected a moment before is modified by our appearance. Only disappearing, we can observe reality without alterations.

    All photography by Leonardo Magrelli
  • Art. photography For Example: Junya Suzuki


    Junya Suzuki


    Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a unique aesthetic sense referred to as 'wabi-sabi'.Generally, this style prefers the mundane over the showy, quietude over eloquence, and stillness over movement. However, almost no opportunity to hear about the style exists in modern times. As time goes by, and as people become more and more superficial, they have lost touch with their aesthetic sense. One day, I found a common point in photos I captured. That's the quietness. I may unconsciously feel an aesthetic sense like 'wabi-sabi' in the environment which keeps creating, destroying and changing all the time. This series is a documentary that seeks for feeling in everyday life.

    All photography by Junya Suzuki
  • Art. photography For Example: Mert Acar


    Mert Acar


    I usually go out and drive to find somewhere that makes me want to stop and take some shots. Exploration takes a great part in my photographic practice. In my photos, man-made surroundings are juxtaposed with natural surroundings of landscape. Currently I’m living in my birthplace Ankara and exploring its rural areas with a new visual approach. My works are not focused on local narratives or documentaries. They are more about how people transform, reshape and modify land. In my opinion altered rural landscapes visually looks similar and most of the time one just can’t simply say where or when a photo is taken exactly.

    All photography by Mert Acar
  • Art. photography For Example: 'Window' by Nick Sellek


    'Window' by Nick Sellek


    This series of photographic animated gifs are a cross over with another of Nick's projects called 'Window.'. They were created for the front of Christmas advent calendars with windows, roofs and facades cut and creased to open up to reveal interiors and festive happenings. These displayed here are however just two dimensional, but with slightly animated snow storms. The photographs were taken in New York, London, Brighton & Oxford.

    All photography by 'Window' by Nick Sellek
  • Art. photography For Example: Olli Wiegner


    Olli Wiegner


    The project focuses on how suffering arises in a person and traces its roots into memories of childhood and youth. The photographs are intentionally vague and open to allow the viewer to search for their own interpretation or relate to certain emotions. They provoke questions without certain answers to emphasise how memories fade and warp over time. This fallible construct is the base for our feelings and perception of the world around us which thus is in constant change — potentially leading to feelings of tension and ambiguity. We never truly are, but merely exist in an approximation in between our past experiences and those still to come.

    All photography by Olli Wiegner
  • Art. photography For Example: László Gábor Belicza


    László Gábor Belicza


    'My father and me worked in a lumberyard. We laid down a huge poplar on the field, and we chopped it up. It fell apart afore our eyes. My sister’s son was four years old when his father died. Every faces of my family expressed the fear of something absent. All of us felt the loneliness, but there was a close bond between us. The wood in pieces seemed like the tragedy of my family. It fell apart like us. The whole never will be entire. Constant farewell and the act of moving on is reflected in childish existence.'

    All photography by László Gábor Belicza


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    quincy scott



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    Mert Acar



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    Art, photography 'Window' by Nick Sellek

    'Window' by Nick Sellek



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    feiyi wen



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    janne tuunanen



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    Juan Rodriguez Morales



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