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  • Art. photography For Example: Alessandro Falchi


    Alessandro Falchi


    This is an old pier of boats, abandoned in the city of Syracuse, Sicily. The charm of this place is given by the tranquility and closeness of the sea.

    All photography by Alessandro Falchi
  • Art. photography For Example: Natasha Cantwell


    Natasha Cantwell


    The Living Dead explores the concept of the uncanny and how photography can be utilised to create the unsettling feeling of experiencing the familiar and strange all at once. This body of work specifically looks at how the uncanny permeates anything that is simultaneously its opposite, such as the living and non-living or the real and unreal. It is an enquiry into photography's association with representation, simulation and the real. This project examines photography’s uncanny relationship with preservation and death, particularly how photographs archive and preserve their subjects in image-form but also serve as a reminder of the decay and destruction that occurs after the photograph has been taken.

    All photography by Natasha Cantwell
  • Art. photography For Example: Sofía Mercedes


    Sofía Mercedes


    In the hot and humid Caribbean climate of the island of Cuba I observe, connect, and capture still visions of lives, traditions, and objects from a country that is not so distant from mine.

    All photography by Sofía Mercedes
  • Art. photography For Example: Ben Gowertt


    Ben Gowertt


    I love photographing and also visual arts. Since 3 years I have been focusing more on places without people, where you can perceive a calm mood. I love to discover something special in simple inconspicuous things!

    All photography by Ben Gowertt
  • Art. photography For Example: Celeste Ortiz


    Celeste Ortiz


    In this series I tried to see at the body closely in an abstract way, looking for the geometry of lines and curves formed by skin, color, shadow and light.

    All photography by Celeste Ortiz
  • Art. photography For Example: Emma Sywyj


    Emma Sywyj


    My work aims to capture and show life at it’s most vibrant & exciting, to encourage people to see the intricacies, beauty and beyond the everyday. My work is often centered around environment and cultural identity, celebrating culture in all its varied forms all over the world and encouraging viewers to feel awe and joy in the travelers quests and the rewards that experiencing other cultures can bring whilst developing my own cultural and gender identity through photography.

    All photography by Emma Sywyj
  • Art. photography For Example: Federico Cannata


    Federico Cannata


    'The authenticity of a trip is not to be measured by the architectural beauty you admire, the food you eat or rediscover traditions, but the people you meet.'

    All photography by Federico Cannata
  • Art. photography For Example: Giacomo Fierro


    Giacomo Fierro


    The 'Symptoms' series is the second chapter of my 'Ataraxia' project. 'Ataraxia' starts from the need to describe the evolution of my relationship with my hometown and becomes, with time, a broader investigation into the bond between people and the places in which they live.

    It isn't a classic work on the urban landscape, but I used the urban environment to recreate the feelings experienced on an inner level.

    All photography by Giacomo Fierro
  • Art. photography For Example: Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen


    Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen


    'We can talk some other time' is a story about an emotional distance between a father and a son. Just three weeks before my boyfriend and I met he lost his father to a sudden death after years of hardly speaking.

    His father left boxes with hundreds of film rolls, plain tickets, notebooks model car – and airplanes. For each image scanned I got to know his father a bit more by each time.

    In no narrative order the series show bits and pieces of their life, bringing it all in as one big puzzle that never really seems to finish.

    All photography by Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen
  • Art. photography For Example: Audrey Molloy


    Audrey Molloy


    Audrey Molloy is a writer, photographer, and performance artist. Interested in the limitations and constructs that contemporary photography presents psychologically and formally, her work engages ideas of medium specificity, digital fallacy, and postmodern narratives.

    Employing short prose as image equivalencies, digital 'flatness' as a stylistic motif, and reductive digital editing in her work, she constructs hyper-realized environments that explore psychological and physical estrangement in an internet-related society.

    All photography by Audrey Molloy
  • Art. photography For Example: Mathieu Coquerelle


    Mathieu Coquerelle


    Act II - Our legs feel heavy, the ascent was gruelling. It is curiosity that lead us here, from scene to scene, toward this door. Now it is thirst that makes us linger down the hill. Through the wood flows a subtle trickle of fresh air as if a source was hidden beneath it.

    A gentle breeze opens the door before our eyes. After it stands a thick red curtain - it seems to have been erected to protect an impenetrable richness. As the stream leads us, we smoothly glide under it, fearless, toward an unknown fortune.

    All photography by Mathieu Coquerelle
  • Art. photography For Example: 'Window' by Nick Sellek
  • Art. photography For Example: Michael Barry


    Michael Barry


    The park is the intersection between the four districts of Harringay, Stroud Green, Manor House and Finsbury Park. The series is an exploration of the uses of the park and the variety of individuals and groups who make use of it. Open from dusk until dawn, the area is the main green space for the four local districts including where I currently live and work which is how the series started.

    All photography by Michael Barry
  • Art. photography For Example: Yoav Friedlander


    Yoav Friedlander


    My work presents a chaotic perception of an 'Americanized Israeli'; composed of American culture, desert landscapes and war. It is based on the recognition that reality is mediated through images as we experience many aspects of our world through photographs and not in person. In this body of work I mix images of Scale models I build with landscapes I photograph. The models are recreations of memories, collective and personal, places I saw only through photographs and other places I could only see in photographs due to restricted access. Like photographs this scale models share an indexical relation to the origin. I make them, and photograph them with the intent that they will echo the realism of the original and bare the illusion of the photograph. While Photographs refer to reality my models refer to the images that represent that reality. Both enable external observation of a reality through its copy.

    All photography by Yoav Friedlander


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    Jason Pumo



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    Yoav Friedlander



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    David Rodriguez



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    Federico Cannata